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🐾 Calling all animal enthusiasts! 🐾

Renew your passion for animal well-being with the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association (VMAA) Membership Renewal! 🌿🐾

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Whether you're a Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Therapist, Trainer, Groomer, Pet Parent, or just a dedicated Animal Lover, our doors are wide open for you! 🐕🐈

Join a community that's dedicated to advancing the medical use of aromatherapy in animals. At VMAA, our mission is clear - we strive to promote standards of excellence in animal aromatherapy, offer outreach and education to veterinarians, and foster continual improvements in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®. 🌟

🤝 As of 2023, VMAA proudly stands as an allied member of the AHVMA, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in holistic animal care. 🌿

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive access to a private group for like-minded professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Member-only calls to connect and share insights.
  • Engage with our Veterinarian Board of Directors to stay updated on the latest developments.
  • Enjoy discounts on affiliate courses and products that enhance your knowledge and practice.

📆 Membership renewal happens annually, ensuring you stay connected and updated on the latest advancements in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®.

Renew your membership today and become part of a community that values the well-being of animals through the therapeutic power of aromatherapy! 🌿🐾

Visit our website [Membership Renewal Link] to renew now and continue your journey towards excellence in animal care with VMAA! 🌟🐕🐾 #VMAARenewal #AnimalAromatherapy #HolisticAnimalCare

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